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Rocket Rama Is An Amazing Flying Toy - Hours Of Outdoor Fun For The Whole Family!


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Are you tired of ordinary toys that do not hold your attention? Rocket Rama is the perfect solution to keep you and your kids playing for hours. This amazing flying toy is just like a whirling ‘fire-rocket’ that shoots up into the sky. This toy is perfect for day or night time fun!

Very simple to use, the Rocket Rama is propelled by a rubber band being drawn on the stick provided. For night time fun you can turn on the LED light and watch as it lights up the sky with whirlwind colors!

This electric fireworks are perfect for stocking stuffers, birthday parties, children who are interested in kites, planes and helicopters. Use over and over, this amazing toy never quits. Perfect for beach days and picnics, your entire family can enjoy hours of fun!


Fun all-year-round, day and night, Rocket Rama is a toy that you and your whole family can count on for hours of outdoor fun!  


Rocket Rama: How Best to Use
Rocket Rama: Flying Demo
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